Facebook CEO sees augmented reality's future in the camera

Facebook Kicks Off Annual Developers Conference In Silicon Valley

Facebook Kicks Off Annual Developers Conference In Silicon Valley

Virtual reality (VR) still has a long time before it goes mainstream, and even though the hardware is available today, there is scarcity of VR-based content.

"I think eventually there are going to be people who want a VR product and there are going to be people who want an AR product".

Over the last couple of years, Facebook has been closely working with Oculus, its augmented reality unit.

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed Facebook's new Camera Effects Platform to a developer event in California, created to give developers the power to build AR tools. And to ensure that this is not just a talk, he launched an app called Spaces.

Facebook is developing a mind-reading system to let people communicate through their thoughts alone, its founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed. Here's a quick look at the top announcements from F8.

Facebook Analytics will give users new tools to analyse their app and website. It can be downloaded from Oculus Store.

For Facebook Spaces to be truly successful, its planned PC-free, wireless, high-quality headset will need to come out soon and be cost-effective.

If you find yourself double checking that you're not reading about Snapchat right now then you're not alone. The new platform is aimed at giving developers a convenient podium to build and create effects and masks around the Facebook camera by allowing them to use precise location, object recognition and depth detection.

According to a report in Time on Tuesday, AR-powered camera effects will be launching in a closed beta starting immediately.

"That you can access from the existing Facebook app's camera, theoretically opening the door for Facebook to host the next "Pokémon Go" phenomenon", he said. If there's Facebook AR glasses in tow, one may be able to explore new places without actually going there, or simply checking out your friend's new apartment with a live virtual tour.

In the Darwin-like world of software development, the spoils often go to developers with a knack for spotting the next lucrative platform opportunity towards which they should evolve their skills in order to sieze early mover advantage. The app that is in its beta version offers a digital avatar to users that helps them chat and interact with users in VR. This year Marcus unveiled an improved Messenger which he calls Messenger 2.0.

Other new Messenger features to connect businesses include QR codes at physical sites to connect to bots, chat extensions for group conversations with business bots and "Smart Replies" for businesses to send automated responses to common questions. ALSO READ: Sure, Facebook Messenger crosses 1.2 billion monthly active users, but what next? The company claimed that Workplace is being used by 14,000 businesses.

Augmented reality, virtual reality and a chat assistant that knows when you're hungry - Facebook is making some big changes in 2017.

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