20 injured as Chinese flight hits turbulence

20 injured after turbulence in China Eastern plane during flight

20 injured after turbulence in China Eastern plane during flight

At least four of the injured are said to be in a serious condition.

At least 26 people were injured after severe turbulence struck an global flight from France to China over the weekend. It added that all passengers should fasten safety belts during flights for safety. The process lasted about 10 minutes, ' one passenger, named as Zhang Shuqing, told Xinhua.

This was the second incident the airline has encountered within a week.

"I was on the flight, and I felt like I would not survive", one passenger posted on Weibo after the incident.

The company did not specify how long or where the turbulence occurred on the flight.

While turbulence can cause injuries like the ones suffered on the Kunming-bound flight Saturday, that's generally as far as the damage goes.

A Chinese Eastern Airlines flight from Paris on Sunday experienced wild turbulence as flight MU774 was on its way to Kunming, in the southern Yunnan province. One passenger told Xinhua that the plane was almost full. "Even in these cases, the aircraft was able to land safely". "Journey times may lengthen and fuel consumption and emissions may increase".

The plane, also an Airbus A330, was en route from Sydney to Shanghai when passengers and crew smelled something burning.

According to the site, some of the passengers were thrown from their seats when turbulence struck.

The airline said crew members on the flight spotted the damage after take-off and made a decision to return to Sydney Airport, Chinese media reported.

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