Britain to hold special two-year parliament session to tackle Brexit

Formal talks on Britain's exit from EU to begin in Brussels

Formal talks on Britain's exit from EU to begin in Brussels

Meanwhile Labour's Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer yesterday said Britain could stay in the customs union after Brexit as Labour would "leave options on the table".

June 19 Brexit Secretary David Davis and European Commission chief negotiator Michel Barnier open negotiations in Brussels.

Merkel said Monday: "I think it is premature to speculate on the first day of the negotiations how they will end". "It's probably as good as we could have imagined". "That will be in our mutual interest, but we 27 will formulate our interests very clearly and hopefully together". He noted the European Union wants to discuss divorce terms before moving on to the shape of its future relations with Britain. "As before, I hope that Washington will fix this error", the minister said in an interview with the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Officials have made clear the Government still wants to negotiate its future trade relationship with the European Union alongside talks on Brexit terms.

"We will negotiate in good faith but it is a negotiation, we recognize there will be an exchange of views and we will take that forward in a spirit of genuine cooperation".

The EU's executive Commission said in a statement Friday that the first round of negotiations in Brussels will be part of a "sequenced approach to the talks".

The association represents 3,200 businesses with a million employees in Germany making industrial machinery. She will not take part in day-to-day negotiations but is expected to set Britain's approach and have the final say on any compromises or concessions.

"As we enter negotiations next week we will do so in a spirit of honest cooperation, taking a pragmatic approach, trying to find a solution that works" for Britain and the European Union, he said.

The EU wants all rights now enjoyed by EU nationals in the United Kingdom, and British nationals on the continent and in Ireland, to be protected in perpetuity, as long as they arrived in their adopted homes before Britain leaves the bloc at midnight Brussels time on 29 March 2019.

Such is the collapse of May's authority that her entire Brexit strategy is being picked apart in public by her ministers, her lawmakers and her allies on the eve of formal negotiations which begin in Brussels on Monday at 0900 GMT.

The EU has insisted that this sequence involve sorting out Britain's departure and urgent issues like the rights of citizens affected by Brexit before the shape of future ties or trade are discussed.

"These talks will be hard at points, but we will be approaching them in a constructive way".

"We're not going to get into - and I know there has been a lot of talk about our position in relation to social issues for example - those are matters for the Northern Ireland assembly - they are not matters for Westminster and therefore we will not be dealing with them at Westminster", she told the BBC.

"I think the whole process will lead to a happy resolution which can be done with honour and profit to both sides", Mr Johnson said as he went into a separate meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

Yet Davis enters the talks representing a government in disarray.

Still, Johnson called on people to look at the more distant future. The most important ask from business - nearly more important than what the end result looks like - is that we have a smooth path to get there. May wants to negotiate the divorce and the future trading relationship before Britain leaves, followed by what she calls a phased implementation process to give business time to prepare for the impact of Brexit.

Crawford Falconer, a former trade chief for New Zealand, was also appointed the government's new chief trade negotiation adviser last week to search for new free trade partnerships outside the EU.

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