Fidget spinner warning after Sydney boy swallows fad toy's loose disc

The fidget spinner has become one of the year's hottest toys

The fidget spinner has become one of the year's hottest toys

A Sydney boy has been rushed to hospital after accidentally swallowing a loose part of a fidget spinner.

His mother said on Facebook group North Shore Mums that her son's terrifying ordeal happened just two days after he got the toy, adding she wanted to warn other parents of the dangers.

The boy was playing with the popular toy when one of the small discs flew into his mouth, resulting in a trip to the Royal North Shore Hospital's emergency department.

Just when you thought she had done it all, Kim Kardashian released her own fidget spinner.

"Parents of fidget spinners beware. our son swallowed the disc of a fidget spinner last night and ended up at RNSH Emergency", she wrote. "He has to pass it within 2 days or we're looking at alternative methods of extraction".

An x-ray showed the circular disc in the boy's stomach.

Doctors say there are now smaller fidget spinners on the market that are also considered risky for kids.

Last month, a 10-year-old girl in the USA accidentally swallowed part of a fidget spinner and had to have it surgically removed from her oesophagus.

While the toy has been spruiked as useful tools for children with ADHD and autism, there are reports Australians schools are banning them as they are distracting students and teachers.

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