Russian Federation cuts communications with United States in Syria, threatens to target coalition jets

US-led coalition downs Syrian warplane

US-led coalition downs Syrian warplane

The Su-22 jet was shot down on Sunday (June 18) by a US F-18 fighter as an act of "collective self-defence of coalition-partnered forces" after the Syrian aircraft dropped bombs close to American-backed fighters near the northern Syrian town of Tabqah, according to a US-led coalition statement.

According to a Pentagon statement reported in the Washington Post, the American attack on the Syrian jet came after supporters of the Syrian regime attacked the town of Ja'Din, which was controlled by the USA -backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

In a sign of the deepening complexity of the brutal civil war, the U.S. air force downed a Syrian Su-22 plane on Sunday after it dropped bombs near the American-backed Syrian Democratic Forces fighting IS.

This US Navy photo shows an F/A-18E Super Hornet in 2016.

The Syrian jet was shot down on Sunday evening after regime forces engaged fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance battling against ISIL with U.S. support, in an area close to Raqqa.

A United States fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane near Raqqa on Sunday, an incident confirmed by both Washington and Damascus despite varying accounts.

It said "a number of SDF fighters" were wounded in the offensive on Ja'Din.

Russian Federation said it would now track all coalition flights west of the Euphrates River while suspending its use of a military hotline set up with the U.S. for avoiding incidents in Syrian airspace.

Moscow calls on Washington to respect Syrian territorial integrity and the country's sovereignty, the Russian top diplomat said, Sputnik reported.

The unprecedented USA downing of a Syrian regime warplane highlights the rapidly shifting dynamic in the six-year conflict where President Donald Trump has given American commanders a freer rein in the battlefield.

In a statement, the Russian defence ministry said that starting on Monday it will track all jets and drones from the coalition in the area.

The US-led coalition in Syria has shot down a Syrian military jet in Raqqa province.

"The coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria", the Pentagon said, using an abbreviation for the Islamic State group.

Russian Federation has suspended cooperation with United States counterparts within the Memorandum on the Prevention of Incidents and Ensuring Air Safety in Syria. It also issued what appeared a threat to target USA coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates River.

The shoot-down took place near the Syrian town of Ja'Din, located south of Tabqa dam, the coalition's main logistics and air support hub for the ongoing assault to drive the terror group known as ISIS or ISIL from their self-styled capital of Raqqa, says a Pentagon statement.

The army said the incidence came at a time hen the Syrian military and its partners were making progress in the fight against the Islamic State.

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