A Hacker Has Threatened To Leak Nude Photos Of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner teases new cosmetics offering

Kylie Jenner teases new cosmetics offering

However, many of Kylie's millions of followers saw an extremely odd post from her yesterday on the social media platform.

The hacking of Jenner's Snapchat account came to light when fans of the star noticed that someone was threatening to release "nude" photos of her.

The caption said, "add for Kylie Jenner's nudes!".

Kylie Jenner has teased that she will launch a new cosmetics line this month to mark her 20th birthday, but she has kept details of the collection close to her chest.

The other screenshot had a picture of the culprit's Twitter account, which had tweeted: "I GOT KYLIE NUDES AHAHHA", captioned with "GO RT HER FOR NUDES!".

While the posts have now disappeared, this isn't the first time the security of her social media accounts has been compromised.

Kylie took to Snapchat at the time to tell fans she wasn't really that bothered, revealing in one video: 'Mmm, so my Twitter was hacked.

A lewd message was sent to Kylie's pal Justin Bieber.

The hacker soon owned up to who they were before the messages were all deleted.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was recently reported to be stressed about her intimate videos that she took with Tyga.

The hacker in question decided it would be fun to hack her account and threaten to leak nude images of her, which is just not on.

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