Kirk Cousins to become first QB to repeat as franchise tag player

Redskins release statement regarding Kirk Cousins contract status

Redskins release statement regarding Kirk Cousins contract status

In a public statement, the Redskins placed the blame squarely on franchise player Kirk Cousins' camp for the sides' inability to reach a long-term agreement by Monday's 4pm ET deadline.

Shanahan helped develop Cousins into one of the league's top up-and-coming quarterbacks.

Washington still could make a last-minute push to try to get a deal done by the Monday deadline; however, Cousins fully intends to play this season under his franchise tag, worth $23.9 million in 2017.

The transition tag would allow Washington to match any offer Cousins received from another team.

The Redskins could also just let Cousins walk and get absolutely nothing for him. If the latter occurred, he'd make either $28 million guaranteed under the transition tag or $34.5 million under a third franchise tag.

Our goal was to sign Kirk to a long-term contract with the final objective of having him finish his career with the Redskins.

Another part of Schefter's report is that he's "open" to still negotiating with the Redskins after the 2017 season. But hope from the Redskins about a long-term deal with Cousins is not being backed up by anything that has gone public.

Kirk Cousins threw two INT's in Sunday's game against the Giants. The clock is ticking for that negotiation, and if it expires without a new deal, Cousins and the 49ers will be the next ones on the clock for 2018.

The Washington Redskins were not convinced about Cousins' ability to keep the strong play going entering last season. He led the National Football League by completing 69.8 percent of his throws during his first full season as the starter in 2015, and previous year he was 83 yards shy of the 5,000-yard mark. Because the tag will becomes prohibitively expensive when used a third time - over $34 million for Cousins in 2018 - and the deadline to negotiate has passed, he will nearly certainly become a free agent next offseason.

There will be no shortage of teams bidding for Cousins next season if he becomes available. But there are plenty of quarterback-needy teams and not enough good quarterbacks to go around.

But the 49ers' plan at quarterback will likely already be apparent by the time next year's draft rolls around. Speculation so far has focused on the San Francisco 49ers, who have former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan as their first-year head coach. Shanahan has been credited for grooming Kirk Cousins into an All-Pro caliber quarterback. During that time, the two sides could once again work on a long-term deal if they so choose.

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