New BLADE RUNNER 2049 Trailer Released

Where and how to watch Blade Runner 2049 trailer first [TEASER]

Where and how to watch Blade Runner 2049 trailer first [TEASER]

Blade Runner 2049 debuted its latest peek on Good Morning America Monday, giving fans a bit more to chew on ahead of the film's October 6 release. Leto's character, Neander Wallace, says in the trailer that "replicants are the future" as he seemingly sends Hoek's character to find the key to their evolution. Those unfamiliar with it would recognize Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, and maybe even the "Blade Runner" title, but might also wonder what the hell was going on. For many the film is one of the true classics of sci-fi, with a unique style and a tone that's far more contemplative than most. Gosling plays K, a police officer tasked with finding original Blade Runner protagonist Deckard (Harrison Ford), for some reason.

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A new trailer has just been released by Warner Bros. for the stunning looking Blade Runner sequel Blade Runner 2049. The loyal audience from the first film will show up without a doubt, and Ryan Gosling in the cast means that plenty of more fans will be purchasing tickets. We were being hunted!' he explained. One of the best directors working right now, Denis Villeneuve, is at the helm, so you know we're in for something special. First, we get another look at Dave Bautista's character, who Officer K shakes down for information at the beginning of the trailer.

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