North Korea threatens "follow-up" measures to possible UNSC resolution

Kaesong Industrial Complex a joint factory zone in North Korea`s border city of the same name

Kaesong Industrial Complex a joint factory zone in North Korea`s border city of the same name

A quid pro quo might be a suspension of those exercises in return for the suspension of North Korea's nuclear and missile activities. But are fears of nuclear war premature? It negates (in part) the threat posed by North Korea missiles.

The official said that South Korea is taking an approach of "strategic patience" in pursuing the compete dismantlement of the North's nuclear program and establishment of a peace regime.

Cackling Kim hailed the July 4 test of the Hwasong-14 launcher as a "gift for American b******s". "They've used bits of technology that they've been testing in smaller missiles, but this is the first time they've tested a missile of this scale".

Here are four new key findings from Pew Research Center about views of North Korea and its nuclear program, based on a survey conducted in the US and six Asia-Pacific countries between February and May.

Recently, North Korea developed a missile capable of reaching Alaska.

"I don't think China has any particular desire to see a nuclearized Korean Peninsula either", he said, warning that such a scenario could lead to a regional nuclear arms race.

This would enable precision strikes against North Korea's immediate neighbors, including South Korea and Japan, but not the US, which is over 5,000 miles from the North Korean coast.

A magnitude 5.9 natural disaster off North Korea early Thursday jolted watchers of the country's weapons development but experts say it was not caused by a nuclear test. Retired American basketball star Dennis Rodman, who regularly visits North Korea and is believed to be close to Mr Kim, said she gave birth to a daughter in 2012. "It's just not cost-effective with anything less". The best that the United States can do now is to accept North Korea's nuclear state status, have a direct talk with Pyongyang, and freeze the nuclear genie that is already out of the bottle.

"The Chinese, and also the Russians, need to understand by their being less helpful rather than more so, they're actually making military intervention more likely, rather than less", he pointed out.

"It would be a fatal mistake to think that as a nuclear power the DPRK, which possesses an ICBM, will tolerate the reckless sanctions blackmail of the USA and other hostile forces", according to the report.

Beijing, however, said it does not "hold the key" to solving the North Korean nuclear issue, and that it is not the "focal point" of the matter "nor the catalyst for escalation of tensions at present". A second war with North Korea, as Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis warned lately, "would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetimes". The total volume of money they remit back to Pyongyang every year is around $120 million.

The US tested its THAAD missile system on Tuesday by shooting down a simulated incoming intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM).

Its next objective is developing a nuclear device small enough to be delivered by its missiles. For example, in 2013, the committee authorized long-range radar systems to improve our ability to track and intercept North Korea's missiles. He is right to say that "something will have to be done" about North Korea.

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