Parents Dosed Newborn to Mask Her Addiction: Cops

Wilde is the father of Christenson's three younger children officials said

Wilde is the father of Christenson's three younger children officials said

"Between the June 28 and July 18 warrants, investigators learned that Christenson had been heavily using heroin and prescription pain medication during her pregnancy".

However, after both Christenson and Wilde were released, police received tips that the couple went right back to buying and taking illegal drugs and both were re-arrested and charged with another series of drug charges.

After Wilde was given a gift card, he was confronted by story security while carrying the couple's then 2-month-old child in a auto seat.

Employees said he took items from the shelf and "returned" them for a cash refund at the customer service desk. He was given a cash card for the items, but as he left the store with his two-month-old daughter, employees confronted him about the purported theft.

When confronted on the scene by Walmart employees, Wilde ran, dropping the vehicle seat several times while trying to get away. In an attempt to escape, the Utah man slammed into the sliding doors and dropped his infant daughter. Wilde picked up the auto seat and continued running, but hit a pillar and dropped the seat again, he said.

The cowardly dad then thrust the vehicle seat with his daughter inside into the hands of a stranger, rushed to his auto and drove off.

Wilde was arrested and taken into custody on for DUI, as well as for meth, heroin and drug paraphernalia. Later on, he was hit with felony child abuse and theft charges. Christenson and Wilde told police that friends had told them it was a good way to hide drug withdrawal symptoms in a baby.

Police discovered the couple already had three other children in their home, boys ages 8, 4, and 2.

She was arrested on an outstanding warrant regarding a traffic violation.

An Elk Ridge man and woman have been arrested following a disturbing monthlong investigation in which detectives say they discovered the couple gave drugs to their newborn while still in the hospital, and their other young children also tested positive for drugs.

Family services contacted the oldest boy's father who agreed to take custody of all the kids because he did not want the children to live apart. Of the other three children, the two younger boys also tested positive for methamphetamine. On June 28, Christenson was released from jail and shortly after Wilde was released.

Several days later, however, police searched the family's home and found drug paraphernalia near the baby bassinet and a sippy cup. One of the drugs found was Suboxone, a prescription pain medication also used for addiction treatment. Christenson and Wilde's 3-month old child tested positive for heroin and morphine.

Christenson and Wilde are facing four counts each of child endangerment and felony drugs charges. She was then released on July 5, on a $7,500 bond.

According to the Miami Herald, Lacey Christenson and Colby Wilde have been jailed on suspicion and distribution of a controlled substance, child endangerment as well as possession of methamphetamine, heroin and drug paraphernalia.

They are now being held in a county jail on a $10,000 cash bail.

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