Russian Federation orders U.S. to cut diplomat numbers after more sanctions imposed

BREAKING: Putin seizes US buildings in shock RETALIATION to crackdown on Russia

BREAKING: Putin seizes US buildings in shock RETALIATION to crackdown on Russia

Russian Federation has retaliated to new United States sanctions by telling Washington to cut its diplomatic staff to 455 and barring the use of some properties.

Russian Federation told the United States on Friday that some of its diplomats had to leave the country in just over a month and said it was seizing some USA diplomatic property as retaliation for what it said were proposed illegal U.S. sanctions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied the conclusions of U.S. intelligence agencies that Moscow interfered using cyberattacks.

The Russian foreign ministry said that in response it has ordered the U.S. embassy in Russia to reduce the number of its diplomats by September 1.

"We reserve the right to respond with other measures we might find appropriate", it said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the sanctions legislation confirmed what it called the "extreme aggression" of the United States in global affairs.

Russian Federation has told Washington to cut its diplomatic and consular staff in the country, in retaliation against new US sanctions.

"Under the absolutely invented pretext of Russian interference in their domestic affairs the United States is aggressively pushing forward, one after another, crude anti-Russian actions".

Russian Federation could seize U.S. Embassy property in the outskirts of Moscow if a bill voted by the U.S. House of Representatives strengthening sanctions against Russian Federation is implemented، the Kommersant newspaper reported on Thursday، The Moscow Times reported.

The Russian foreign ministry also said it was seizing holiday properties and a warehouse used by U.S. diplomats.

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