Venezuelan officer involved in helicopter attack attends opposition rally

Fomer Pocatelloan held in Venezuelan prison could be released but remain in country

Fomer Pocatelloan held in Venezuelan prison could be released but remain in country

On June 27, Perez and unidentified accomplices flew over Caracas in a police helicopter and dropped four grenades on the Supreme Court before opening fire on the interior ministry.

And yet the Venezuelan government insists it's all political theater.

On Sunday, the opposition will hold an unofficial referendum to let Venezuelans have their say on Maduro's plan to rewrite the constitution.

In addition to shortages of food at government-set prices, there is a drastic shortage in medicines, from basic antibiotics to drugs for AIDS.

"It's the zero hour", Perez said as several masked youths looked on from behind.

“Coercion is never an answer to the legitimate demands for democracy and to people's expression of frustrations against the background of economic and social unrest triggered by increasing poverty and deteriorating living conditions, ” Ms. Ciampi said.

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, has been urging the White House to push for Holt's release and appeared with the family in Riverton for last week's rally.

The outflux of young and working-age Venezuelans will almost certainly add to the drag on the country's economy, exacerbating the exodus of educated people, medical professionals, and even skilled oil and gas workers.

United States Ambassador Nikki Haley said last month, however, that the "international community must act" after a US-backed proposal for mediation failed to win support at the Organization of American States.

But the Supreme Court responded with a ruling to dissolve parliament, stripping it of its powers and attempting to transfer them to the president, a move that brought international condemnation and helped trigger months of deadly protests.

Venezuelan opposition parties, under a coalition called Unidad, have organized the three-question ballot to be cast at locations across the globe, including at least 18 centres in Canada, from St. John's to Victoria.

"This self-styled 'plebiscite' only contributes towards instability in Venezuela", the spokesman said, adding that Sunday's plebiscite would not "hinder" the Maduro government's vote to elect its constituent assembly.

"We are moving towards a Constituent Assembly to save the nation from attacks by fascists, imperialists and violence", he said.

The Roundtable is also taking advantage of a dispute between the Maduro government and Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz.

"Venezuelans should not be sent back against their will".

The protest movement that emerged at the end of April is not the first to appear. UNHCR is stepping up its response accordingly.

In addition, thousands of demonstrators have reportedly been arbitrarily detained. Aruba, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago, have also received asylum applications by Venezuelans in 2017. "We'll be sure to post any updates we hear of!"

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