Game of Thrones season 7, episode 5: Eastwatch recap

Game of Thrones fans think they've worked out who's playing Rhaegar Targaryen

Game of Thrones fans think they've worked out who's playing Rhaegar Targaryen

The eerie confines of the House of Black and White take on new life in Ball's art.Season 6, episode 5 features one of the most notable and tragic deaths in the series when fan-favorite character Hodor sacrifices his life to get Bran Stark to safety.

For several episodes, then, we've been building toward something - hopefully not an overly terrible something, but probably at least moderately disgusting - happening at Eastwatch.

Perhaps they are being cautious after the hacking they experienced last week, but there is a fair amount to mull over. We've certainly seen them do that before.

Expect this week to be more of the chess match, but first, the big question. Daenerys doesn't seem like a just ruler as she asks for allegiance under the threat of death, and Tyrion seems like he's beginning to see just how bad things can get under the rule of his queen. All that's there is a picture of Cersei Lannister and title of the episode, but, hey, something is better than nothing. He's too valuable to the franchise to not resurface sans hand and armor and likely not the man he was (watery baptisms are classic moments of change in stories). Obviously, Jon wants to go home, but Tyrion proposes that Jon brings a White Walker to Cersei. There is a shot of his estranged brother Tyrion walking through the ashes in the aftermath of the battle. Measuring 19 by 27-inches, they're large enough to capture the intricate detail of these artworks. It might be logically assumed that Varys is referring to Daenerys, who can be fiery at times.

Throughout the show, we're led to believe that Rhaegar not only kidnapped Ned's sister, but he kept her hidden and locked away at The Tower of Joy. You see massive armies colliding in the North, with both the White Walkers and The Night King being present there.

Cersei lost all three of her children. They're not beasts, not to her. Earlier this season we learned the Night King was headed toward Eastwatch.

In fact, Cersei Lannister was strongly attracted to him after they first met. And in episode two, Euron (who we at Hidden Remote have declared to be the funniest guy on the show) killed Obara and Nymeria.

Since Drogon was wounded by the Scorpion, the nickname for Qyburn's giant crossbow machine, there are concerns. In the books, she traveled to King's Landing around the time that Tyrion was conceived, to celebrate Aerys' tenth year on the throne. He was saved from Joffrey's purge of Robert's bastards when Arya convinced the Gold Cloaks that he had already been killed. Littlefinger, who thought he could manipulate Sansa, now finds he has three unpredictable Starks to contend with. The man stepped aside, revealing Ser Jorah Mormont.

What role might the Hound and the Brotherhood without Banners play?

Or as Jon Snow put it, they're all on the same side because, they're "all breathing".

There are many fan theories circulating the Internet after the release of the trailer.

So much for Joe Dempsie's annual tweet.

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