Google Camera gets selfie flash, tap to zoom [APK Download]

Google Pixel

Google Pixel

XDA writer Adam Conway reported that he tested the revised app on an variety of devices - an LG G6, a OnePlus 3, a OnePlus 3T, a OnePlus 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 - and found some real improvements with the resulting images. Google has noted that the version is designed to work on recent Nexus and Pixel devices running Android 7.1.1 and above.

There has been a lot of attention given to smartphone cameras these days but while the hardware does have major importance, the software can also help or mar the overall experience.

The most noteworthy and obvious change is the new selfie "flash". It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing, especially in low-light settings.

Google has introduced the flash option in its Camera app enabling users enable the flash while taking their selfie.

The double tap to zoom just provides you a shortcut so you don't have to move your finger on a bar to zoom.

Another addition is a quick zooming capability.

Selfies may be an important facet of modern smartphone use, but not all phones were made to cater to the selfie-loving crowd. The double-tap to zoom function is a simple gesture that will zoom the camera to 50 per cent, and then zoom it out again, when users double-tap on the screen. To try it out yourself, head over to this link and hit the "Begin Download" button.

Even though these changes aren't wildly changing the device itself, they're starting to close the gap between Android and iPhone photography.

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