New update to Google's Camera app brings Selfie Flash

Google Camera v4.4 rolling out for Pixel Nexus Android One devices Lots of improvements

Google Camera v4.4 rolling out for Pixel Nexus Android One devices Lots of improvements

It will magnify an image to 50% immediately. According to Ars Technica, an update will require about 100KB of available space and metadata, unlike the whooping 1GB usually required for a successful update.

There has been a lot of attention given to smartphone cameras these days but while the hardware does have major importance, the software can also help or mar the overall experience. The ISP is found on premium Qualcomm SoCs including the Snapdragon 820, 821, and 835. Among the key changes the update brings along, is the Selfie Flash feature that's aimed at improving your low-light selfies. Contrary to the previous setup, users will now be able to clearly see whether they have their camera setup to take photos or videos and will be able to switch between the two by selecting the large icons that now flank the shutter button. It's available to anyone with Nexus and Pixel devices using Android 7.1.1 and above. Indeed, this is great news, but not for those without the Pixel phones.

Another addition is a quick zooming capability. Quickly double tap again to zoom out. But note that double tapping will zoom to the same focal distance every time, so the zoom bar is still the way to go if want a very specific level. Furthermore, "B-S-G" has added a slew of "muskie" and "Google Pixel XL 2" references to make the Google Camera app into thinking it's being run on the second-generation Pixel smartphones.

Even though these changes aren't wildly changing the device itself, they're starting to close the gap between Android and iPhone photography.

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