The title for 'Game Of Thrones' episode 5 has finally been revealed

39;Game Of Thrones'

39;Game Of Thrones'

The attack, officially dubbed the "loot train attack" by the crew, was a hard challenge for the creative team behind Game of Thrones. In the last episode, "The Spoils of War" (which sadly got leaked), Daenerys utterly annihilates the Lannister army as she rained fire from the skies above, perched on the back of her favourite dragon-child Drogon.

Will Bran tell Jon about his hot aunty?

I would give just about anything to hang out on the set of this show. It's like performing for your mom.

Davos mentions this when he asks Jon what he thinks of Danny, Jon replies with, "she has a good heart", to which Davos drops another hilarious one-liner, "yes, I've seen you staring at her good heart". "We were both embarrassed to do our thing in front of each other".

The finale product had zero laughter, but it took several tries to get the moment right. Casey Bloys, the President of Programming at HBO, has mentioned the possibility of a GOT spin-off, but I think a prequel series might work better.

"I don't think it enters the pantheon of greatest episodes of all time, but that battle scene at the end was wonderful", Noble declares.

"We're not afraid to go there with each other because we feel so comfortable around each other".

Though their characters couldn't be more different - Turner's ladylike Sansa often clashed with Williams' tomboy Arya before they were separated for years - the actresses quickly bonded off-screen.

And with each of them having their own devoted fanbases, the actresses are just hoping fans don't start comparing them again. If you're wondering how many people they had to quite literally throw in the fire, the battle included 73 "fire burns" in addition to 20 people who were set ablaze simultaneously for a single shot. If they survive, they'll be Dany's prisoners (remember, Jaime killed Dany's father, Aerys, the Mad King), and we could see a Bronn-Tyrion reunion - though it might not be pleasant.

"So, in the beginning, I was nervous".

Though he didn't explicitly state whether Jaime will live to see another day or slay another person he claims to be a usurper, Coster-Waldau hinted that he "can't imagine" a happy ending for Jaime, given his tumultuous relationship with Cersei (Lena Headey).

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