US Bishops Oppose Senate Proposal for Immigration Limits

USCCB: 'strong opposition' to RAISE Act

USCCB: 'strong opposition' to RAISE Act

Kevin Appleby, senior director of global migration policy at the Center for Migration Studies of NY, said the bill "is a nonstarter from a Catholic perspective, as it weakens the family unit and favors the rich over the poor".

"Had this discriminatory legislation been in place generations ago, numerous very people who built and defended this nation would have been excluded", said Bishop Joe S. Vasquez of Austin, Texas, chair of the bishops' migration committee.

Trump yesterday threw his weight behind a Senate bill called the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act.

"The United States supports families and should not throw up obstacles to their unity", Bishop Vasquez said August 2, charging that the legislation "would have our nation turn its back on this long and storied tradition of welcoming families setting out to build a better life".

Other limitations proposed by the RAISE Act would permanently cap the number of refugees allowed safe passage, "thereby denying our country the necessary flexibility to respond to humanitarian crisis", said Vasquez. The RAISE Act imposes a definition of family that would weaken those bonds.

"I believe that such reform must recognize the many contributions that immigrants of all backgrounds have made to our nation, and must protect the lives and dignity of all, including the most vulnerable", said Bishop Vasquez.

President Donald Trump is pushing a bill aimed at reducing legal immigration and creating a points-based visa system, a proposal that attorneys say could make it tougher for employers to get foreign workers in some cases and would require major scrutiny of the points methodology.

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