Venezuela rejects Trump's comments

Trump says he won't 'rule out a military option' in Venezuela

Trump says he won't 'rule out a military option' in Venezuela

"But a military certainly something we could pursue".

In a lengthy address to the 545 members of a new, all-powerful constitutional assembly Thursday evening, Maduro instructed the nation's foreign minister to approach the USA about arranging a telephone conversation or meeting with Trump.

"This is our neighbor", he added. We're all over the world and we have troops all over the world that are very, very far away. Venezuela's foreign ministry was expected to issue a statement on Saturday responding to Trump's comment that "a possible military option" was under consideration for the crisis-racked nation.

According to a White House source, Pence will express his support for the region's economic reforms and his concern about Venezuela's democratic collapse.

Venezuela's defence minister Vladimir Padrino said Mr Trump's comments were "an act of craziness".

"There is an extremist elite in the U.S. government", he added, "and I really don't know what is happening and what will happen in the world. If planet Earth will end".

Ricardo Luna, foreign minister of Peru, which has been a fierce critic of Mr Maduro, said: "All foreign or domestic threats to resort to force undermine the goal of reinstating democratic governance in Venezuela, as well as the principles enshrined in the United Nations charter".

More than 120 people have died in protest-linked incidents since April.

Credit Suisse is banning the trading and use of Venezuelan bonds, as the political crisis in the South American country escalates.

H.R. McMaster, Trump's National Security Adviser, flatly told MSNBC earlier this month that military intervention from any outside source was not a possibility. "Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering and they're dying", he said.

"In North American diplomacy, they never rule out the use of force, the military option".

Trump's comments on Venezuela come amid rising tensions over USA relations with North Korea, which has threatened a missile launch toward the US territory of Guam over what it perceives as Trump's aggressive posturing.

"The daring threats of President Donald Trump intend to drag Latin America and the Caribbean into a conflict that would permanently alter the stability, peace and security of our region", Arreaza said at a press conference.

Communist Party of Spain: We condemn the threat of war aggression of Donald Trump to Venezuela.

Here are a few more reactions. "Maduro will grab on to threat from Trump".

One can only imagine how disappointed the younger Maduro will be to arrive in NY only to discover that the White House is actually more than 220 miles away to the southwest. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who has led Latin America in taking on Maduro, recalled the country's ambassador to Caracas after the government-packed supreme court took steps to shut down congress, which is controlled by Venezuela's opposition.

The centrist leader said in an interview for Reuters Latin American Investment Summit that Maduro had lost any remaining credibility since forming the constituent assembly, an all-powerful body made up of Maduro's Socialist Party loyalists.

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