Five technologies that will get a boost from Apple iPhone X

The Galaxy Note 9 might be Samsung's first foldable smartphone

The Galaxy Note 9 might be Samsung's first foldable smartphone

The X, unlike the S8, S8 Plus and Note 8, has an unusual cutout - flanked by two "ears" - at the top of the screen, which could prevent iPhone X users from ever watching videos in true fullscreen mode.

"Our 3D sensing solution will be a game changing technology for smartphones, where we will enable the Android ecosystem to provide the next generation of mobile user experience", said Jordan Wu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Himax Technologies. Apple, the most-watched smartphone company in the world, just announced a new model, the iPhone X, with no bezels at all - just a smooth, gorgeous screen across the top of the device.

The iPhone launch occurred on the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone sale, released in 2007 by the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

Powering the package is a 3,300 mAh battery which Samsung claims has been subjected to an 8-point battery checks to ensure that it does not blow up while sitting in your pocket. LG's phone also has a nearly borderless 5.7-inch screen with a sharper resolution compared to Apple's smartphone (2,880 x 1,440 versus the iPhone X's 2,436 x 1,135 display). It's tried with the Apple Watch and forthcoming HomePod speaker to get in on still-niche markets before they're truly defined.

Ironically, during the event, Apple's software head Craig Federighi was demonstrating FaceID and it malfunctioned.

Samsung aims to navigate safely through this year and begin sales of the bendable devices next year, when Chinese rivals are expected to make further gains.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, meanwhile, are stuck on LCD. Being approved for a £1200 loan doesn't mean you can afford it.

And we all know how Samsung's flagship phone did last year.

People are pumped to have the Apple Store glittering on the river; I'm sad it took away my favorite steps to sit on and eat my lunch. Wouldn't it be amazing if they could fire it up at the touch of a button, like Siri? I mean, sure, it's a pretty thing, but the tech isn't that special and there's nothing you actually need. In other words, since Samsung's phones support both standards, they will likely be compatible with a broader range of charging accessories.

The Galaxy Note 8 will feature its own built-in stylus, which will be useful to some and useless to others.

Unfortunately, the answer is simple: People who aren't rich and don't want to go into debt over a phone aren't invited to participate. But it's hard to not give the edge to the iPhone X. Even if you're not an Apple "fanboy", the device is undoubtedly a leap forward in smartphone tech. It's one of the smoothest implementations of the technology and seems much more natural than using your fingerprints to unlock. Doing so as long as you are with the iPhone X is OK but trusting every other device believing to be as secure as the iPhone X can prove costly. In truth though, the X simply had to look different. Tango is an augmented reality platform created by Google which enables devices to be aware of their relative position with their surroundings. For the rear dual, 12-megapixel lenses can provide you superb shots even in adverse lighting condition.

Instead, the full-width phone screen is in practical terms an upgrade that make your phone easier - and more enticing - to use. The X is, without doubt, the most attractive version of the iPhone since the iPhone 4, which came out way back in 2010.

Wireless Charging- The concept of wireless charging has been around since almost eight years now.

"This partnership with Himax highlights the technology investments we are making with Taiwanese companies to continue leading in visual processing innovation", said Jim Cathey, SVP and President, APAC and India, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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