Whatsapp blocked in major parts of China: Report

China online service providers improve privacy protection

China online service providers improve privacy protection

Those were revoked a few weeks back, but services continued to be intermittent at best.

Although eclipsed in China by the Tencent (and therefore Chinese) owned WeChat, in the largely English speaking Hong Kong province, WhatsApp is hugely popular, though under the "One Country Two Systems" rules, it is unlikely that it will be blocked there.

The Chinese government has made it clear that it will hold individuals responsible for example group chats that spread information that is deemed questionable.

The surveillance move comes ahead of Communist Party meeting next month. Held once every five years, the congress chooses the party's leadership, which in turn runs the country.

Users of WhatsApp in China reported similar disruptions in July, prompting fears authorities were blocking access. However Dubai had again blocked voice and video calling features.

Latest figures from Premier Tax Free's Premier Vision report show Chinese shoppers posted growth in tax-free sales turnover of 27% year to date in 2017.

In China, even the use of email is fading as residents embrace the convenience of WeChat. Citizens have to use the WeChat messenger, which passes personal data of users to authorities. But it obtained the assent of other W.T.O. members to retain restrictions on the media. If you don't already have one, now might be the time to invest.

An official statement from Whatsapp on the development is awaited. China has reinstated WhatsApp access after past disruptions. Last year, we got the wake-up call when the internet was briefly disrupted and people couldn't send WhatsApp messages also.

In a bid to explore the high-potential Chinese online market, Facebook recently authorised the release of a new app here that does not carry its name. WhatsApp encryption technology makes it difficult for the government to closely monitor and restrict the cyberspace. Through virtual private networks (VPN), some people access the services of those internet companies.

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