'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer Unveiled At Soldier Field

Carrie Fisher's final appearance. 'The Last Jedi'

Carrie Fisher's final appearance. 'The Last Jedi'

Finally, we got to see the last Last Jedi trailer, which has since (predictably) become the source of countless memes involving the cuddly new creatures called Porgs, as well as the more detailed appearance of Luke Skywalker, Porgs, a lightsaber fight between John Boyega's Finn and Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma, and also Porgs. It's set to hit theaters Dec. 15.

"Leia was meant to be more prominent in 9", Hamill told the crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom, indicating that, perhaps Star Wars 8 won't be filled with as many iconic Leia moments as we wished for.

A 3D midnight screening is also being held on December 14 at the Dundee Odeon, and tickets appear to be available.

On Twitter Cineworld said the website is still functioning but is experiencing "high levels of customers" and "extremely high levels of traffic".

Millions of "Star Wars" fans watched the new trailer for "The Last Jedi" on Monday night - including one very good boy. "I've only seen this raw strength once before, it didn't scare me enough then, it does now" he says, looking pretty spooked. Star Wars trailers are always about misdirection - so he could be talking about Rey, not Ren.

"Worldwide, everyone feels that gap she left, but we all have to hang in there". This seems to indicate how cerebral Johnson wants Kylo's journey to be, maybe even offering a small window of hope and redemption, should he opt to spare Leia. She's terrified, but we quickly come to see her as a fast learner under Luke's tutelage. Which isn't a massive surprise. To recap, though: What are the Porgs?

Look at this! Porgs and Chewie doing their thang!

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