Trump mulls visit to North-South Korean border

Korean Aegis destroyer on patrol

Korean Aegis destroyer on patrol

The three-pronged strategy was originally scheduled to be in place by the mid-2020s, but North Korea's increasingly aggressive and unpredictable behaviour has forced Seoul to revise that timeline.

Highly-trained special forces in the hermit kingdom have been carrying out paragliding infiltration exercises targeting the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Also in the stash of stolen documents were reports about joint military drills between the U.S. and South Korea, and information on South Korean military installations and power plants. "If local firms apply to visit North Korea to check their assets, the government will consider whether to approve their requests after gauging various factors", he added.

The ratings agency said although the current level of tensions is high, strains on the Korean peninsula are not new and have followed a predictable pattern of heightened and eased tensions in the past.

While Trump has threatened to annihilate North Korea, saying the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, "is on a suicide mission", Kim Jong Un has fired back vowing to "tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire". Another 25 percent of the bonds will be of 10-year maturity, and the remaining 30 percent will be 20-year, 30-year and 50-year bonds.

The compromised documents could include wartime contingency plans drawn up by the US and South Korea, and also, reports to the allies' senior commanders.

Fitch Ratings on Thursday reaffirmed South Korea's sovereign credit rating at AA-, its fourth highest, placing it above China's and Japan's ratings.

Hackers in North Korea have allegedly stolen a cache of classified military documents from South Korea, according to a South Korean lawmaker.

The military is now anticipating Oct. 18, next Wednesday, when China holds its national congress of the Communist Party, through which President Xi Jinping is expected to receive a second five-year term as the party's top leader.

At the border meanwhile, the two nations that are technically still at war since a peace treaty was never signed to end the 1950 - 1953, only an armistice, maintain a heavily armed presence on each side.

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