Tesla's Semi Truck unveiling will blow you mind into another dimension — Musk

Tesla Semi Truck Unveiling on Nov 16, Potential Freight Industry Disrupter?

Tesla Semi Truck Unveiling on Nov 16, Potential Freight Industry Disrupter?

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk on Sunday tweeted that the company's electric semi will make its debut Thursday night.

Never one lost for a hyperbole, Elon Musk promoted Thursday's upcoming Tesla Semi Truck unveiling in Hawthorne, California, with a little Rick and Morty-inspired hucksterism.

We hope that Musk wasn't just speaking theoretically to paint a picture, because now we really want that uphill tug-of-war to happen during the webcast.

The launch of a Tesla truck will provide the much needed morale boost, since a futuristic truck could potentially change the landscape of the freight shipping and commercial land transportation industry.

. Not only do the snow and ice reduce grip severely, but the cold is also bad for battery performance.

Most electric vehicles spend their parked lives in a garage.

Analysts for Wall Street research and brokerage firm, Bernstein, expect Tesla to unveil an all-electric Class 8 truck that will have 300 to 450 miles of driving range and mid-2019 availability. Soon electric vehicles (EVs) may be cheaper than gas guzzlers.

The damp atmosphere combined with the sub-zero degrees Celsius temperatures meant that the car was covered with a thin film of frost. Tesla was using new open source modules from MapBox and Valhalla to improve the same system. The firings of workers have affected everybody from factory employees to engineers to executives. Whatever the case, we'll be here to report. To be fair, the conditions were far from extreme, and by the time the video ends, the Model X had almost defrosted by itself.

But this constraint creates a bottleneck for the entire production line, which needs to restrict its output so it doesn't create excessive inventory since it can't complete the Model 3 vehicles without the battery modules. As Bjørn says, he should attempt the test under more demanding circumstances, though we've already seen what a barely noticeable layer of frost can do to the car.

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