Alabama reaffirms that character still counts in politics — John Kass

Democratic U.S. Senator elect Doug Jones and wife Louise Jones greet supporters during his election night gathering the Sheraton Hotel on Dec. 12 2017 in Birmingham Alabama

Democratic U.S. Senator elect Doug Jones and wife Louise Jones greet supporters during his election night gathering the Sheraton Hotel on Dec. 12 2017 in Birmingham Alabama

He was twice removed from the bench for breaking the law, the second time for ordering Alabama's equivalent of our clerks of court not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore's loss in Alabama is giving heart to Texas Democrats who predict an anti-Trump wave also will help lift their lagging fortunes. So, there were conceivably more people in the United States who tried to use their vote to prevent an alleged sexual abuser from becoming the most powerful person in the country. In another moment of absurdity, Ward called on McCain to resign immediately after his cancer diagnosis, angling for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to appoint her as a replacement. Everyone except the hundreds, if not thousands, who heard his robo call or those in attendance and watching on TV at the rally in Pensacola. Bannon, who, one candidate at a time, seems set on destroying the we know it, ran the show and at one point told a pro-Moore rally that there is a special place in hell for Republicans who did not vote for Moore. First Donald Trump actually managed to insinuate that one of their senators - Kirsten Gillibrand of New York - was a whore. He also promoted business-centered development, not the sort of thing to get left populists' blood running, but he wasn't running for head of Democratic Socialists of America. Nor is it wrong that there are two big Trump things out there that the stock markets, at least, do like very much: the package of deep tax cuts, especially on corporations, that he expects to receive from Congress next week and sign - a "giant Christmas present for all Americans", he says (a dubious claim) - and his undeniable alacrity for slashing red tape and setting businesses free.

On Thursday, Moore released a video saying he will not concede the election until the Alabama secretary of state certifies the election, which is scheduled to happen no earlier than December 26 and no later than January 3. Said Roy Moore: "'gross, over 20 years?'" SNL staff member Colin Jost said, a reference to allegations of sexual misconduct by Moore that emerged during the hard-fought campaign. He expressed disdain for the constitutional amendments that abolished slavery and allowed African Americans and women to vote.

And somewhere, the thin, dry pate of establishment GOP Senate boss Mitch McConnell is up on a pointed stick. Alabama voters spared the Senate Ethics Committee the dilemma of how to handle a senator who was clearly unfit but who nevertheless won a popular election. And Moore was thought of as a dangerous clown by many Alabama voters even before The Washington Post revealed he was credibly accused of being a child molester.

He acknowledged that mid-terms "typically are some sort of referendum on the current president". Ask the president about Sen. Trump did not make it so that a string of large corporations are finally enjoying a high earnings streak just now. He had long stood for lawlessness and disorder. And profit-gluttons who have no concern for consumer safety or protection.

Bannon supported him early, cowed the state party establishment into going along, and reportedly convinced Trump to climb aboard the bandwagon, too, because Moore would surely win.

Last month in Virginia, a purple state, Democrat Ralph Northam won the governor's race by the biggest margin for a Democrat since 1985.

That is why the Democrats should temper their excitement.

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