Mueller investigation smells to high heaven

Hugh Hewitt A special counsel needs to investigate the FBI and Justice Department. Now

Hugh Hewitt A special counsel needs to investigate the FBI and Justice Department. Now

Thus, it appears that one man with a strident political agenda accomplished his twin goals of clearing Clinton and accusing Trump, evidence be damned.

He was also present during and participated in the interview of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, which resulted in Flynn's pleading guilty to a criminal information that charged that he "did willingly and knowingly make false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements and representations" - essentially lying to FBI agents (Strzok).

And it's obvious that the media craves something really big.

Step one is a quick publication of the questionable texts.

Nevertheless, just as Hanssen was "one bad apple" who didn't spoil the bunch, so even an out-of-bounds Strzok doesn't necessarily mean anything about the FBI beyond him.

Wray said he was, "inspired by example after example of professionalism and dedication to justice demonstrated around the Bureau". After leading the FBI's probe into Trump, he then joined Robert Mueller's special counsel team as an integral investigator. Instead of laughing in her face or arresting her, the FBI boss testified personally to her truthfulness. But his mere presence hurts public confidence in the FBI, and it does so in a way that further illustrates a persistent and enduring national problem: America's permanent bureaucracy is unacceptably partisan.

"The president's order is an unconstitutional embarrassment and I applaud you for taking a principled stand against defending it", he added. Trump has denied that he tried to impede the F.B.I. investigation into Flynn, portraying Comey, who wrote contemporaneous memos about his talks with Trump before the president fired him, as a liar. A "small team" at FBI headquarters was assigned to conduct the Clinton investigation, according to emails released from McCabe, he noted.

Trump has become more vociferous and conspiratorial as the special council investigation continues to heat up and get closer to his inner circle. Mueller lied himself, by omission with his cohort James Comey, about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and her Russian uranium deal.

Meanwhile, many of Trump's enemies are still harboring their go-nowhere fantasies of impeachment.

The existence of the messages were revealed Saturday in news reports, but the full text of the messages has not been disclosed.

Had Mills been working for Trump, the same number would have been run on Mills as on Flynn and Papadopoulos.

"The data points we have regarding politicization are damning enough but appear all the more problematic when viewed against the backdrop of investigations whose ferocity seemed to depend on the target: the Clinton case was investigated with an eye towards how to exonerate her and her associates, while the Russia investigation is being conducted using scorched earth tactics that seek to find anything to use against Trump associates", DeSantis told The Hill. He made these arguments in multiple appearances before Congress and every time he ventured near an open microphone.

Judge Beryl Howell, an Obama appointee, a friend of Loretta Lynch, Obama's DOJ boss, and of Andrew Weissmann, Mueller's deputy, decided to seal the Papadopolous case. Providing the "tools" to law enforcement would be inviting the bad guys through the door - or back door, as it were. A biased and opaque probe, however, will do far more harm than good.

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