Santa Ana winds fan raging California fires — Gusty and dry

California wildfire: Thousands evacuated in Ventura County

California wildfire: Thousands evacuated in Ventura County

So far, the Rye Fire in Santa Clarita has burned 1,000 acres, per ABC News. Pass the apple wine, Dolly. These are Santa Ana winds with very dry conditions. The U-Haul Company of San Fernando Valley and Van Nuys/San Luis Obispo made seven self-storage facilities across six cities available to residents who want to use the 30-day disaster relief program.

Pack it up, load the car and leave your forwarding address. The shelter is also available for all types of animals and is located at 10 West Harbor Avenue in Ventura.

About 80 miles north of LA there is a fast-moving wildfire. Reasons for the season!

The Ventura County Fire Department said that thousands of homes were being evacuated overnight in East Ventura. "The whole hospital is gone". All the animals were out.

"One of the downsides living in California", he said of the wildfire danger. "We are a resilient city, we are a strong city, we are a capable city". Is the child trying to make this poor, infirm woman squeeze her feet into some plastic Payless heels on her deathbed? What kind of con is this kid running?

Aerial video from Sky5 showed dozens of homes throughout multiple neighborhoods that were burning or destroyed as the sun rose Tuesday morning. Have a pat on the back, I guess. "Embers were flying through and it seemed like we were going to be OK". As of Tuesday night, neither blaze was contained.

California once again was under siege in a now all-too-familiar 2017 battle with walls of flames.

Evacuation shelters are open at the Ventura County Fairgrounds at Miners Building.

Fire engines and helicopters were responding to the fire in Ventura County Monday night, it has already burned 25,000 acres. And sure enough, a few of them are weepies.

Fred Mariscal says Red Cross officials expect about 400 people at the shelter Tuesday night.

Officials initially believed one person had died from a vehicle crash associated with the fire, however authorities stated Tuesday that a dead animal was located at the crash site and no human remains were found. Listen and spare a thought for the fact that America's incarceration rate is the highest in the world - more than 2 million Americans will be spending Christmas in prison.

"We're alive and we're healthy", he said. Dozens of houses in one neighborhood burned to the ground. Thank you so much, and stay safe. Then, in Santa's arms at last, the kid dies.

"I just watched it burn, burn, burn", he said. They blow from the inland toward the Pacific Ocean, speeding up as they squeeze through mountain passes and canyons.

The Pogues, "Fairytale of New York".

While the blazes brought echoes of the firestorm in Northern California that killed 44 people two months ago, no deaths and only a handful of injuries had been reported.

And the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, which hold workouts near the Ventura County fire, canceled practice Wednesday.

Nearly 8,000 homes have been evacuated in southern California after ferocious winds whipped up an explosive wildfire that could soon threaten a city of more than 100,000. MacGowan's part is rich and raw, but it's Kirsty MacColl's gutsy voice that sells the thing.

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