Intel CEO: Google discovered the chip problem 'months ago' (GOOG, INTC)

Intel says rapidly issuing updates to all processors impacted by Meltdown

Intel says rapidly issuing updates to all processors impacted by Meltdown

Similarly, Microsoft confirmed in a statement that it was actively developing and testing a series of "mitigations" to the threats, and was in the process of deploying fixes for its cloud customers.

Spectre is less dangerous than Meltdown, but will be more difficult to patch. At the moment, it is unclear whether ARM and AMD processors are also affected by Meltdown.

Intel says that his selloff came independently of the vulnerabilities and notes that it was preplanned.

The United States Computer Emergency Response Team, a government body, has issued an advisory confirming processors' performance could be diminished "by up to 30 per cent". While you do that, monitor your most sensitive online accounts for unauthorized access and strange behavior. "I think it's fair to expect these techniques to definitely improve", he said.

Here is Amazon's statement: "We have not observed meaningful performance impact for the overwhelming majority of EC2 workloads". We don't know how serious this bug is and how long it will take to even resolve the issue. Through the exploit, attackers may gain access to data, though they do not have the power to modify or delete them, Intel added.

"You run your machine as if it's your machine, but it's in fact running on a server where other companies can be running their own processes", he said. It showed 4 to 8 percent reduction in FPS of Rainbow Six: Siege, War Thunder and Counter-Strike: GO. The company has found that the fixes resulted in "no measurable reduction in the performance of macOS and iOS".

"Meltdown and Spectre work on personal computers, mobile devices and in the cloud". However, AMD has responded, saying that there is a "near zero risk to AMD processors at this time". It's what enables you to visit Facebook, watch a movie on Netflix, or stream a Spotify song on your phone.

The BBC notes that Spectre is thought to be much harder to patch, and a fix for it isn't widely available. The latest cumulative update for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 includes a fix for the vulnerability in some chipsets.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft fix may result in some performance dips.

As for Microsoft, it's been rolling out a patch for Windows PCs that should arrive on Wednesday.

Apple already patched the nasty security flaw in its Mac platform last month with the macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 release.

Intel's share price has fallen since the Meltdown and Spectre flaws became common knowledge. Contrary to some reports, any performance impacts are workload-dependent, and, for the average computer user, should not be significant and will be mitigated over time. In fact, Google had informed Intel about this vulnerability in June, which means that Intel knew about this problem before the Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold off a big chunk of his holdings.Intel's CEO saw a windfall of $24 million on November 29 by selling the share he owned outright and exercising stock option.

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