The 10 big questions about Trumpworld raised by 'Fire and Fury'

Trump hits back at mental fitness accusations, says 'greatest assets' are stability, smarts

Trump hits back at mental fitness accusations, says 'greatest assets' are stability, smarts

Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this. According to the president, he never even gave him a quote. Trump plans to undergo a physical exam by a government doctor on Jan. 12 that will be followed by a public statement by the doctor, the White House has said.

Mr Wolff was also revealed to have taped many of his conversations, including those with Steve Bannon, which form much of the basis of the book.

In his statement, Trump distanced himself from Bannon, saying he "has nothing to do with me or my presidency" and adding, "Steve had very little to do with our historic victory".

Lee had told CNN that Trump is showing signs of impairment that the average person could not see. People were lining up at bookstores at midnight.

Reagan, US president from 1981-1989, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1994 and died in 2004.

An employee at Beers Books in downtown Sacramento described the interest for a single book as "unprecedented".

"I went from VERY successful businessman, to top TV Star to President of the United States (on my first try)", he said. "Great guy. I think he should write a book about me". White House staffers have told reports that in the past.

Hive are selling the e-book version for £13.99, and it'll be delivered straight to your inbox when it comes out.

President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman and fired White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has become the "new enemy" to Trump's angry online horde of followers. He's not going to be on the offense if he's going to be on the defensive.

Michael Wolff says on NBC's "Today Show" Friday: "Where do I send a box of chocolates?"

"It's unusual for a book to get all this attention without anyone having known about it", said Bercu. "I hear a lot of people want to write books", he added, clearly not understanding why anybody would.

Even more savagely, on Thursday afternoon Trump reportedly got on the phone with GOP donor Rebekah Mercer, daughter of hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, and requested that she publicly cut all ties with Bannon, whom the family had once fully supported.

Trump friend and ally Chris Ruddy, CEO of the right-wing Newsmax website, disputed on CNN that characterization, calling it "so absurd, so ridiculous".

In Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, author Michael Wolff writes that the president "and Melania spent relatively little time together".

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