Lavrov calls US election meddling claims 'blabber'

Thirteen Russians charged in alleged plot to interfere in US presidential election

Thirteen Russians charged in alleged plot to interfere in US presidential election

Moscow on Saturday, February 17 dismissed as "blabber" and "fantasies" allegations that it interfered in the election that brought President Donald Trump to power, denials that drew immediate scorn from US officials.

The accused Russians are unlikely to be arrested or appear in a US court on the charges, which include conspiracy to defraud the United States, wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft, as there is no extradition treaty between the United States and Russia.

The president's silence has not necessarily stopped lower levels of his administration from responding to Russian actions, sometimes going further than Obama, who was also criticized for not doing enough to counter Moscow's threat.

The indictment alleges the goal of the Russians was to support then-candidate Donald Trump and hurt Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

"I said this morning as of a couple months ago, we have spent $7 trillion in the Middle East - $7 trillion". A Vatican statement said survivors of abuse are included, but didn't identify them to protect their privacy.

McMaster and Lavrov addressed the annual conference of world leaders, defence officials and diplomats, giving more general back-to-back opening remarks. "The Trump campaign did nothing wrong - no collusion!" "I have no evidence that he's deliberately pulling his punches because he has to, but I can't dismiss it. No president has raised those kinds of questions".

Lavrov argued that U.S. officials, including Vice-President Mike Pence, have said no country influenced the U.S. election results. "So until we see the facts, everything else is just blather", Mr Lavrov said. "I'm sorry for this not very diplomatic expression", Lavrov said. He also said the indictment "leaves open the vital question of whether Americans, including any associated with the Trump campaign, knowingly played a role in Russia's active measures campaign".

It outlined the first criminal charges against Russians believed to have secretly worked to influence the U.S. election's outcome.

The victim had declined to submit to a second diocesan psychiatric evaluation after the first one subjected him to a "savage" police-style interrogation that sought to destroy his fragile defenses, according to a letter to the archdiocese' psychiatrist from the victim's personal psychiatrist, Dr. Alfonso Rossi.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announces indictments of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for meddling in the 2016 presidential election; insight from Niall Stanage, White House columnist for The Hill.

"And I will just say this: There are two groups that have created chaos more than the Russians, and that's the Democrats and the mainstream media, who continued to push this lie on the American people for more than a year - and quite frankly Americans should be outraged by that". Analysts note that several recent school massacre incidents involved the use of the AR-15 assault rifle, which was used by student Cruz in the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty in December to lying to the FBI about his conversations with Mr Kislyak before Mr Trump's inauguration.

Francis applied that concept in the case of the Rev. Mauro Inzoli, a well-known Italian priest defrocked by the Vatican for having abused children as young as 12.

Kislyak's own name has popped up in Mueller's probe as part of his inquiries into contacts between Russia and the Trump team.

Russia denies meddling, and Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion, most recently on Friday.

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