UK media: Traces of nerve agent found in ex-spy poisoning

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Britain was to hold a second meeting of its national emergencies committee yesterday in response to a nerve agent attack on a Russian former spy.

Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey - who was taken to hospital after falling seriously ill when he responded to the emergency - is conscious and in a serious but stable condition. "Over time, repeated skin contact with contaminated items may pose a small risk to health".

Skripal - a former colonel in Russian intelligence who was imprisoned in Russia in 2006 on allegations of spying for Britain - was found unconscious with his daughter on a bench near a shopping centre in Salisbury.

Authorities haven't revealed how or where the Skripals were exposed to the nerve agent.

The mention of Nato suggests a potential further hardening of Government attitudes towards Russia, from a point where tensions were already high even before the events in Salisbury.

The Home Secretary has given more details about the investigation into the attempted murder of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter - revealing that police are looking at more than 240 pieces of evidence. "We need to look at what is happening sustainably in the economy", he said.

BBC also reported that up to 500 people who dined at the restaurant or frequented the pub have been told to wash their possessions as a precaution.

"They are proceeding with speed and professionalism".

"We have now learned that there has been some trace contamination by the nerve agent in both The Mill pub and Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury", England's chief medical officer, Sally Davies, told reporters Sunday. One view is that it was a sort of show of strength, a form of messaging telling Putin's detractors and Russian dissidents that dissent equals treason and is deserving of death.

Asked if she was hopeful for the police officer, she added: 'Indeed, hopeful, but it's still very serious'.

Or was the plot intended, at least in part, to deliberately discredit and humiliate the British government?

Britain's overall public sector net debt stands at around 85 percent of gross domestic product, more than double its level before the financial crisis and potentially restricting Britain's ability to respond to future economic shocks.

British officials say there is not a public health threat but some residents have become alarmed by the site of investigators wearing extensive hazardous material protection gear. A handful of countries might have cause to do that.

In a statement, he thanked well-wishers but stressed that he did not consider himself a "hero" but that he was merely doing his job along with other officers.

The brazen nature and public execution of the plot to kill Skripal is disturbing for many reasons. He had stayed out of the public eye since then.

The alleged findings come as it's also claimed chemical experts are probing whether flowers taken by the former spy to his wife's grave were laced with poison.

Skripal was arrested in 2004 in Moscow and later confessed to having been recruited by British intelligence in 1995. Skripal lived in the town, located 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of London.

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