Syria attack site samples test positive for nerve agent — Official

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley

United States President, Donald Trump has said Russia should "get ready" for missiles to be fired at its ally, Syria.

That leaves unaccounted for a frigate armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, a patrol boat and rescue tug and the second submarine. "Could not have had a better result".

President Trump, in a Saturday morning tweet, called the nighttime attack a "perfectly executed strike". Bush addressed sailors aboard a Navy ship in May 2003 alongside a "Mission Accomplished" banner, just weeks before it became apparent that Iraqis had organized an insurgency that tied down U.S. forces for years.

"That significantly limits the number of options available to the United States, because the Russians are embedded in many cases with the Syrians".

"The intelligence provided certainly paints a different picture", she said.

Asked whether the US military was ready to conduct an attack in Syria if ordered, Mattis replied, "We stand ready to provide military options if they're appropriate, as the president determined". "You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" "We're looking very, very seriously, very closely at the whole situation", he told reporters.

CIA Director and secretary of State-designate Mike Pompeo was also spotted at the White House on Wednesday. Maybe he hopes to scare Russia and Syria into some sort of negotiation.

The "axis of resistance", referring to the Syrian allies of Iran and Hezbollah, has its choices in dealing with the US threats, Shabaan said, adding that the rule of clashes has changed in favour of the Syrian side.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the attack "necessary and appropriate".

He was optimistic that American might and US allies would help his country.

Trump appeared to realize this diatribe was a mistake, so he tweeted a sort of correction Thursday: "Never said when an attack on Syria would take place".

Elsewhere in the country, Turkey, alarmed by the growth of Kurdish influence in Syria, recently seized the north-western Afrin region controlled by the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia.

The United Nations calls the deals that ended the violence in Eastern Ghouta as the "biggest mass evacuation of the Syrian conflict".

Trump's spokeswoman dismissed this idea, and pointedly refused to acknowledge that concern about the risks of a direct confrontation with Russia would hold the US military back. However, I think there's less to it than meets the eye.

And last night there were reports Assad has fled Damascus in a Russian military convoy. "It is not about regime change".

Syrian government forces and their allies were on alert Tuesday and taking precautionary measures at military bases and posts in government-held areas amid fears of a U.S. strike, war monitors said. The U.S. took care to avoid Russian targets during an air strike in April 2017.

A collapse of the Assad regime could lead to a political vacuum in Syria and a resurgence of the Islamic State.

The Russian army on Wednesday accused the White Helmets civil defence organisation of staging a chemical weapons attack in Douma, where observers say more than 40 people died in a gas attack. "But our efforts have been repeatedly thwarted" by Syria and Russia, she said.

"Whiplash" is probably the best word to describe what Syria watchers are feeling.

Douma is allegedly the site of a chemical attack which was reported by rebel-linked activists, including the controversial White Helmets group.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin reaffirmed the Kremlin's skepticism about the allies' Douma claim, saying Russian military experts had found no trace of the attack.

An international inspection team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons planned to enter the city Saturday to investigate last week's chemical weapons attack.

Trump is slated to speak with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May Thursday evening.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday the National Security Council would meet and that decisions on Syria will be made "soon".

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