Google wants you to put down your phone (no, really)

Google releases May security patch update for Pixel and Nexus devices

Google releases May security patch update for Pixel and Nexus devices

In February, a group of former Apple, Facebook, and Google employees formed an anti-tech addiction coalition called the Center for Humane Technology.

With Android P, Google wants users to spend less time on their phones and more time on real human interactions. But it is also raising some thorny questions about the ethics of using a machine to copy a person's voice, carry out commands - and potentially deceive the unsuspecting listener on the other side.

With Android P, Google is adding several new features to Android, including more robust notifications that show the user what components of their device an app is using in the background.

Android P's Dashboard will show exacly how much time we're spending with our favorite apps. Google hasn't kept it a secret and we've heard about it for a while, but it only became official in May of 2018 when version 1 launched. "While your app's UID is idle, the mic reports empty audio and sensors stop reporting events". The Google Assistant feature uses lifelike audio to, for example, book a haircut. "In most cases, these restrictions should not introduce new issues for existing apps, but we recommend removing these requests from your apps".

Similar to Android Oreo, to get to your app drawer, you long swipe from the bottom of the screen, or just swipe upwards from the recent apps view to get to your apps.

This home button quick switching method becomes even more convenient when you're in an app. You can drag this button right from any app that you're in to quickly switch to an app, and then switch back again. Tap Check for update.

To ensure your phone doesn't keep you up at night, Android P is getting a "wind down" feature. It allows you to set time limits on apps to say 15 minutes or 30 minutes and will also nudge you when youre nearing that time limit.

At the end of March, Google released the developer preview of Android P in Wear OS. It's like if Marlboro started handing out nicotine patches with every carton of cigarettes-lots of people would try them out even if they didn't plan to fully quit smoking. The original six were fine, but I'm excited to get creating mine. Making it talk to everything and doing it efficiently and safely is even harder. Then, the parties announced the intention to create infotainment platform for the new generation of communication functions.

A Google official said the service was different from those calls because it's not for solicitation or telemarketing. Here at Fudzilla we bitched about the lack of these smart things years ago. The distribution of Android KitKat has also declined to 10.3 percent from 10.5 percent in the previous month.

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