5 Tips For Pre-Diabetes Management And Diabetes Prevention

5 Tips For Pre-Diabetes Management And Diabetes Prevention

5 Tips For Pre-Diabetes Management And Diabetes Prevention

Dr Shailendra Kumar shares a few techniques to continue a healthy lifestyle as they approach old age.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : November 25, 2022 10:21 AM IST

In the case of diabetes, the adage “prevention is better than cure” is true. Comparing a few decades earlier, the number of people with diabetes worldwide has increased. It is undeniable that food and lifestyle modifications significantly impact the development of this disorder. You may learn practical illness prevention methods in several different ways. For example, if a patient is in danger, doctors frequently instruct them on ways to prevent diabetes. This may be accomplished in various ways, but Dr Shailendra Kumar, Professor-General Medicine Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences, shares a few standard techniques that anybody can use to guarantee that they can continue a healthy lifestyle even as they approach old age.

  1. Consume a balanced diet: Most people with T2D have a lifestyle disease. Adult-onset diabetes is brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle and eating patterns that include consuming much fast food, carbohydrates, sugar, other sweeteners, refined wheat flour (maida), starch, etc. Before diabetes develops, a diabetic diet would assist you in avoiding getting it and enable you to have a generally healthy and pleasant lifestyle. The best diet for health is high in vitamins and fibre. Ideally, you should choose tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, beans, chickpeas, whole-wheat pasta, quinoa, etc. This does not imply that one should abstain from all sugar intake; the body does need some carbohydrates and glucose once a week or in moderation.
  2. Give up smoking: Smoking has been related to several ailments, including type 2 diabetes, lung and throat cancer, and cardiac issues. Smoking can also promote high cholesterol, which can cause type 2 diabetes. High cholesterol is an underappreciated yet very harmful problem. Therefore, it would be far preferable to stop smoking or stop altogether. One of the initial pieces of advice that doctors offer to their patients is this one on diabetes prevention. Insulin resistance is also increased by smoking. But, of course, giving up is difficult. To help with this, some advice may be to utilise nicotine patches, battle the impulse, discover motivating causes, rely on friends and family, learn stress-management strategies, etc.
  3. Exercise Regularly: One of the best methods to delay diabetes onset. Bigger muscle groups absorb the bloodstream’s glucose for energy while engaging in physical activity this aids in controlling the general level of blood sugar. Furthermore, the proper form of exercise for diabetes aids in managing body weight, lowering the incidence of T2D in adults. Exercises that work bigger muscle groups, such as squats (which work the gluteal, thigh, and calf muscles), yoga, running, and fast walking, all aid in controlling blood sugar levels. Even 15 minutes a day should be a decent option for a novice. The optimal approach would be gradually increasing it to 40 50 minutes.
  4. Manage Your Weight: The likelihood of acquiring this illness increases with weight. The leading cause of this is visceral fat, or fat close to the belly, associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D). Diabetes exercise can aid with weight loss. Even a 5-7% reduction would significantly lower the danger. You can use diverse tactics, such as a planned diet, regular exercise, and good behaviours, like avoiding binge drinking, reduced stress, etc., to lose weight.
  5. Increase water intake: Drinking sugary beverages and other sodas have become more popular due to easy access to foods and drinks. However, sticking to water can satiate your thirst and lessen the extra sugar you consume through cold or aerated beverages. In addition, losing and controlling weight well is also associated with drinking more water.

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