Employee Engagement Programs Inspire Staff To Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

Employee Engagement Programs Inspire Staff To Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

The one-stop corporate wellness solutions app creates a healthier and happier workforce. The app provides a platform and resources to inspire staff to adopt and maintain healthy choices.

Employee Engagement Programs Inspire Staff To Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

Fitxcapes Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce the release of Employee Engagement Programs to provide a variety of business results for their clients. The newly launched corporate wellness app provides businesses with a platform and resources to inspire staff members to adopt and maintain healthy wellness and lifestyle choices. Businesses that encourage a healthy corporate culture and lifestyle choices have happier and healthier employees and owners as well. The promotion of an effective wellness program is an easy and convenient process using the integrated wellness app. 

Online fitness classes are one example of the tools available on EngageLife. Other benefits include creating strong social support and engagement, promoting healthy company culture, lowering health risks, and enhancing employee morale. The programs and wellness apps are useful for companies that want to encourage a status of physical wellness, mental wellness, environmental wellness, social wellness, and organisational wellness.  

Physical wellness focuses on implementing a more fitness-minded and healthy eating culture, leading to optimal functionality and health. Mental wellness is the ability to help employees cope with the stresses of life and to adapt to change or personal challenges in difficult times. 

Environmental wellness enables employees to become more aware of the livability of their surroundings, promote a sustainable lifestyle, and use small changes effectively to make a big impact.  

Organisational spiritual health is an important factor to consider in an employee’s overall wellbeing. It helps promote meaningful connections, respect for one another and contributes to feeling fulfilled with one’s work. Organisational spiritual health speaks to the soul. It increases empathy in the workplace and can potentially improve work performance as well as job satisfaction. An organisation that nurtures spiritual health leverages human potential by cultivating deep connections between individuals, creating a sense of trust, belonging and purpose. Ultimately, it has the potential to create a healthier, happier working environment in which everyone is able to thrive.  

Additional details are available at https://engagelife.com.my/

Engage Life is pleased to work with 30 corporate clients and 40 partners. There are currently 20 employees. The company is focused on creating and promoting a sustainable culture of health and wellness for individuals, businesses, and the community. Engage Life programs improve the quality of life for businesses and individuals through innovative wellness and health solutions. 

Creating a healthy and harmonious corporate culture improves employees’ health and increases employers’ return on investment. The goal of the company is to make the world a healthier, better, and happier place.  

About the Company: 

Engage Life encourages the workforce to adopt a healthier lifestyle for improved performance, increased motivation and much more through holistic and integrated wellness programmes which are cost-saving and efficient. Create and host wellness events and activities that include real-time tracking and rapid rewards for increased engagement. Enjoy a more affordable option to on-site wellness programmes and save on employee health care expenses.

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