5 Commonplace Misconceptions About Prostate Most cancers, In step with a Urologist | Hartford HealthCare

5 Commonplace Misconceptions About Prostate Most cancers, In step with a Urologist | Hartford HealthCare

September 21, 2022

Prostate most cancers is among the maximum not unusual cancers in males, 2d most effective to pores and skin cancers — and sadly, myths about it are not unusual too. A number of are bad sufficient to prevent males from in search of the care they want.

To type reality from fiction, we checked in with Ryan P. Dorin, MD, leader of urology at The Clinic of Central Connecticut.

Fable 1: Maximum males don’t continue to exist prostate most cancers.

Truth: In fact, prostate most cancers is among the maximum curable cancers.

9 out of 10 sufferers who’re identified with it have no less than a five-year survival fee, the milestone at which the danger of a later recurrence drops.

Plus, they ceaselessly have a large number of remedy choices, from minimally invasive surgical procedure to precision medication known as theranostics.

“Right here at Hartford HealthCare, we’re at the vanguard of many interventions to regard prostate most cancers,” says Dr. Dorin. “Each day, an increasing number of sufferers are beating this illness.”

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Fable 2: So despite the fact that I’ve prostate most cancers, I don’t want to fear about it.

Truth: You wish to have professional care.

There are lots of several types of prostate most cancers, and the way bad each and every is depends upon a couple of traits. Whilst some sorts are slow-spreading, others are competitive and wish quick intervention.

“A urologic most cancers specialist and the right kind checks can inform you which form of prostate most cancers you may have,” says Dr. Dorin. “We will additionally lend a hand making a decision what sort of remedy is right for you.”

Fable 3: Simplest older males get this illness.

Truth: Prostate most cancers isn’t unusual in males as younger as 40.

Sure, the illness turns into a lot more not unusual as males age. However greater than a 3rd of circumstances happen in males underneath the age of 65.

On account of this, “Many males get started common screenings at age 50,” says Dr. Dorin. “When you’ve got chance elements — like a circle of relatives historical past of prostate most cancers, or in case you’re African-American — your physician would possibly counsel you get started even previous.”

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Fable 4: I might be capable of inform if I had it.

Truth: The indications of prostate most cancers are simple to leave out.

“Maximum males don’t revel in noticeable signs of prostate most cancers till the most cancers may be very complex— and despite the fact that they do, the most typical signs are simple to brush aside as common indicators of growing older,” says Dr. Dorin.

Signs can come with: urination issues, problems with erections or ejaculation, blood within the urine or semen, or ache and stiffness within the decrease again, hips or higher thighs.

Fable 5: The remedies for prostate most cancers reason everlasting erectile disorder and incontinence.

Truth: Males who revel in unwanted side effects from remedy in most cases see an growth inside a yr.

“In the event you’re apprehensive concerning the have an effect on of surgical procedure or radiation for your intercourse lifestyles, or different unwanted side effects like urine leakage, communicate for your physician,” says Dr. Dorin. “They may be able to provide an explanation for the imaginable unwanted side effects of your explicit remedy, and the way lengthy the ones results would possibly remaining in accordance with your well being file.”

You may well be pleasantly stunned.

“More and more, remedies like minimally invasive surgical procedure or precision radiation treatment will also be administered in ways in which maintain erectile serve as and urinary continence,” says Dr. Dorin. For instance, the professional surgeons at Hartford HeatlhCare can steer clear of positive nerves throughout prostate most cancers surgical procedure, decreasing the danger of post-surgical unwanted side effects.

In conclusion: There are a large number of myths available in the market about prostate most cancers. When you’ve got questions, ask your physician. They’ll permit you to in finding the info — and bust the myths.

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