Inexperienced Hell Medication and Therapeutic Information

Inexperienced Hell Medication and Therapeutic Information

Our Inexperienced Hell Medication and Therapeutic Information will let you know what reasons sicknesses, easy methods to save you them, and easy methods to heal them sooner than it is too past due.

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Venom Wound | Rash | Leech | Fever
Meals Poisoning | Parasites | Trojan horse | Filth

Inexperienced Hell Medication and Therapeutic Information

Inexperienced Hell Medication and Therapeutic Information – The right way to Treatment Sicknesses

This listing in our Inexperienced Hell Medication and Therapeutic Information will let you know what reasons sicknesses, easy methods to save you them, and easy methods to treatment them.


  • Sanity Loss Reasons – Leeches, Worms, Parasites, Rash, Consuming ordinary meals (reminiscent of spiders), Sound asleep at the floor, The usage of Maggots to heal an An infection
  • Sanity Recovery – Staying close to a Hearth, Sound asleep on a mattress, Consuming sure Meals (reminiscent of Cooked Meat)

Sanity is a measure of your psychological state. If it will get too low, you can begin to hallucinate.

Scratch / Abrasion

  • Scratch / Abrasion Reasons – Fall injury, Getting attacked by way of an enemy
  • Scratch / Abrasion Treatments – Leaf Bandage, Different Bandages (Ash Bandage, Lily Bandage) can accelerate therapeutic

Scratches and Abrasions are minor wounds. They may be able to grow to be an An infection if you do not wash your self and bandage the Scratch / Abrasion. Dressed in Armor can save you Scratches and Abrasions you’ll most often get in battle, but it surely may not offer protection to you from fall injury.


  • Laceration Reasons – Animal assault, tribesman assault
  • Laceration Treatments – Ash Bandage, Leaf Bandage

Lacerations are nasty wounds that want rapid remedy, particularly as a result of they purpose a gentle lack of Well being till they are bandaged. Dressed in Armor can save you Lacerations.

Wound An infection

  • Wound An infection Reasons – Untreated Scratch / Abrasion, Laceration, Worms
  • Wound An infection Treatments – Practice Maggots, then Bandage

Wound Infections won’t cross away until they are handled. They may be able to additionally result in a Fever. Deal with them with Maggots, both by way of discovering them within the wild or Harvesting Spoiled Meals (reminiscent of Spoiled Meat).

As soon as cured, the Wound An infection can be changed with a Scratch / Abrasion that will have to be handled within the customary style.

Venom Wound

  • Venom Wound Reasons – Chunk from a venomous animal, Selecting up a Poison Dart Frog
  • Venom Wound Treatments – Lily Dressing, Tobacco Dressing, consuming Plantain Lily

Venom Wounds incessantly purpose Fevers and may end up in your dying if untreated. You’ll be able to run the chance of drowsing it off and hoping that you simply live to tell the tale.

A Venom Wound from a Poison Dart Frog can also be deadly, even to a participant with complete well being. Don’t pick out up a Poison Dart Frog until you have got anti-Venom medicine to be had.


  • Rash Reasons – Strolling too as regards to an Anthill
  • Rash Treatments – Lily Dressing, Ready

Rashes can also be have shyed away from if you happen to give computer virus nests a large berth. They’re going to heal on their very own, however you’ll heal them quicker with a Lily Dressing.


  • Leech Reasons – Shifting round
  • Leech Treatments – Removing by way of hand

Leeches will randomly seem at the participant if you are transferring in the course of the jungle. They may be able to handiest be cured by way of taking away them.

You can’t save you Leeches from attacking you, even with Armor.


  • Fever Reasons – Venom Wound, An infection
  • Fever Treatments – Painkillers, Ready

Fevers purpose a speedy lack of Power and Hydration. Should you get a Fever and you haven’t any medicine, you will have to straight away transfer to a Mattress to stop passing out.

You’ll be able to sleep off maximum stacks of a Fever by way of ready.

Meals Poisoning

  • Meals Poisoning Reasons – Consuming Spoiled Meals, sure raw Meals, or sure Meals
  • Meals Poisoning Treatments – Charcoal, Water Lily, Ready

Meals Poisoning reasons you to vomit which ends up in the lack of Macroelements (and as a result, the lack of Well being).

Meals Poisoning can generally be cured by way of ready, however extra critical variations of this illness can doubtlessly kill you.


  • Parasites Reasons – Consuming raw Meat, Ingesting Grimy Water or Unsafe Water, Consuming whilst Grimy
  • Parasite Treatments – Unknown Mushroom (pink cup), Unknown Mushroom (blue), Unknown Fruit (inexperienced)

Parasites are simple to keep away from with excellent hygiene and Cooking practices.

This illness drains your Macroelements quicker than customary. Parasites won’t cross away until handled.

Trojan horse

  • Trojan horse Reasons – Sound asleep at the floor
  • Trojan horse Treatments – Bone Needle

Worms will purpose speedy Sanity loss if now not handled. Use a Bone Needle to take away them. You will have to all the time stay a Bone Needle for your Backpack, simply for those who go out at the floor and catch Worms.

As soon as the Worms are got rid of, you will have to bandage the Scratch / Abrasion as customary.


  • Filth Reasons – Selecting up River Dust, Making Dust Bricks, Wearing Dust Bricks, Harvesting Animals
  • Filth Treatments – Washing up in water

Filth can also be cured by way of washing your self in water. Consuming whilst coated in Filth can reasons Parasites.

That is the finish of our Inexperienced Hell Therapeutic and Medication Information. Should you’ve discovered it useful, why now not take a look at our different guides underneath?

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