Publish-COVID-19 Vaccine Limbic Encephalitis: A Case Record

Publish-COVID-19 Vaccine Limbic Encephalitis: A Case Record

Limbic encephalitis (LE) prognosis can also be difficult because of its large spectrum of medical presentation and number of reasons. Probably the most recurrently recognized reasons come with paraneoplastic and autoimmune, however they may be able to additionally happen post-vaccine. Since 2020, many of us international have gained the coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID‐19) vaccine after FDA approval. Gentle self-limited neurological antagonistic reactions, together with headache and dizziness, had been reported post-vaccine. Alternatively, rising few neurological serious occasions, together with encephalitis, have additionally been reported. Herein, we provide a case of a middle-aged feminine who offered with seizures after two days of receiving the second one dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. A prognosis of limbic encephalitis was once made in response to head MRI findings. It was once handled with immunosuppressive brokers and replied neatly and not using a further neurological sequelae. This example is exclusive because it highlights a imaginable affiliation between limbic encephalitis and the COVID-19 vaccine.


Serious acute breathing syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) began in December 2019 and led to the coronavirus illness 2019 (COVID‐19). COVID-19 is a systemic illness that can result in a lot of headaches affecting virtually each formulation within the frame. More than a few sorts of COVID-19 vaccines had been dispensed international; additionally, regardless of the most recent research on those vaccines and their protection, a lot of registered headaches can also be associated with the vaccine [1].

Limbic encephalitis (LE) is an acute situation of noninfectious irritation of the mind that has effects on the limbic formulation (hippocampus, medial temporal lobe, cingulate cortex, and frontonasal cortex). Medical manifestations come with amnesia, behavioral adjustments, psychiatric signs, seizures, and disturbed stage of awareness [2].

The pathophysiology of LE is understood to be mediated by means of an antigen that stimulates an antibody-mediated host immune reaction that inadvertently goals self-antigens within the limbic space, which contains the cingulate cortex, frontonasal cortex, hippocampus, and medial temporal lobe [3].

This illness in most cases has two reasons: paraneoplastic and autoimmune. The paraneoplastic shape is related to sure tumors, together with small mobile lung most cancers (SCLC), germ mobile testicular tumor, breast most cancers, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, immature teratoma, and thymoma [4].

For sufferers with presumed autoimmune or paraneoplastic encephalitis, the prognosis will have to be in response to the historical past, medical options, laboratory and radiologic proof of central worried formulation irritation, exclusion of an infection, and different selection reasons. The workup will have to come with neuroimaging, EEG, lumbar puncture (LP), and antibody checking out on serum and CSF. Even if antibody checking out can ascertain the prognosis, the initiation of treatment will have to no longer be postponed whilst looking forward to antibody effects [5].

Herein, we file a case of acute encephalopathy after receiving the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine. An intensive workup was once carried out, together with a whole blood workup, mind imaging, and autoimmune profile, however all grew to become out to be unfavourable.

Case Presentation

A 35-year-old feminine, up to now wholesome, was once delivered to the sanatorium after one seizure. Her signs began two days post-Moderna COVID-19 vaccine 2d dose. First of all, she had a fever, due to this fact adopted by means of generalized tonic-clonic seizures that lasted for about 5 mins and a post-ictal segment of bewilderment for 30 minutes. All over her keep within the emergency division, she once more advanced two episodes of generalized seizures, managed with drugs, each and every one lasting lower than two mins after intervention. The affected person didn’t have every other related neurological signs. The affected person was once admitted to the ward and was once vitally strong and afebrile. With the exception of taking a look drained, she was once orientated to time, position, and individual. Her neck was once supported, and he or she had complete energy and sensation with standard upper purposes. Cranial nerves had been intact. The affected person had a complete elementary blood workup, which incorporated a whole blood depend and renal and liver serve as assessments, that have been all unremarkable, and her COVID-19 PCR was once additionally unfavourable. Strangely, her distinction MRI on admission was once additionally unremarkable. LP was once carried out, and CSF had simplest important lymphocytosis; different CSF workups, together with viral panel and tuberculosis workup, had been unfavourable.

All over her sanatorium keep, she advanced anisocoria. An pressing CT of the top confirmed imaginable temporal lobe hypodensities. After dialogue with the radiologist, she agreed to copy the top MRI (Determine 1 and Determine 2), which this time confirmed options suggestive of limbic encephalitis (paraneoplastic and autoimmune varieties). The differential prognosis of the MRI findings incorporated viral (herpes encephalitis), post-ictal, and Hashimoto’s encephalopathy. Due to this fact, an EEG was once carried out, which confirmed left frontotemporal epileptiform discharges with serious post-ictal encephalitic adjustments.

Publish-COVID-19 Vaccine Limbic Encephalitis: A Case Record


In the meantime, the result of the immunology display screen was to be had and confirmed certain antinuclear antibody (ANA), centromere development with 1:1280 and anti-centromere antibody, unfavourable anti-dsDNA, and no hypocomplementemia. Straight away, the neurology workforce assessed the affected person and began on steroids, IV immunoglobulin, and rituximab and deliberate for a repeat LP to test for autoimmune encephalitis, which sadly was once no longer carried out because of monetary problems. Whilst the affected person was once nonetheless admitted, she advanced ordinary conduct within the type of agitation, ordinary giggling, and crying, which is a well known affiliation with limbic encephalitis, which stepped forward later with treatment. The affected person was once identified with autoimmune limbic encephalitis that ended in focal seizures with secondary generalization in response to medical presentation, imaging, LP discovering, and unfavourable workup for malignancy, together with a CT scan of the neck, chest, stomach, and pelvis, at the side of a PET scan. The affected person began to strengthen day-to-day and was once transferred to a rehabilitation facility to reach complete restoration. Neuroimaging follow-up confirmed growth and determination of the former limbic encephalitis adjustments.


Autoimmune limbic encephalitis is a variety of neurological illnesses characterised by means of the formation of autoantibodies in opposition to neuronal mobile floor antigens [6]. With the exception of the standard encephalitis signs of altered cognition, fever, and focal neurological abnormalities, limbic encephalitis too can purpose neuropsychiatric options.

Thus, a fancy set of investigations is needed prior to the respectable prognosis [7]. Limbic encephalitis can also be led to by means of more than a few components, together with paraneoplastic, autoimmune, and post-viral illnesses [8]. Alternatively, nontypical etiologies equivalent to post-vaccination varieties, as described in only a few documented post-vaccination instances, together with the COVID-19 vaccine, don’t seem to be uncommon [9]. In a survey carried out in the USA over twenty years, 141,396 incidences of encephalitis had been reported, adopted by means of vaccination of hepatitis B (354 instances), influenza (208 instances), measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) (208 instances), and Haemophilus influenzae kind B (208 instances). Vaccinations had been all implicated (120 instances in 708 instances, and the advance of encephalitis befell inside two weeks of vaccination (50.7%)).

In consequence, the temporal dating between vaccination and symptom get started is in keeping with our case [10]. Vaccine-related encephalitis pathophysiology is these days unknown and primarily based principally on hypothesis. However, vaccines are widely known for triggering the technology of pro-inflammatory cytokines and T-cell reaction.

Antigens will likely be identified as imaginable pathogens by means of the immune formulation after immunization. The immune formulation initiates a complicated collection of herbal immunological processes in response to the immunogenetic background and innate immune reminiscence, liberating mediators and merchandise of irritation into the move, which is able to purpose systemic negative effects and, in uncommon instances, neuroinflammation [11].

We consider that this episode of limbic encephalitis, which befell briefly after COVID-19 vaccination, is an unusual aspect impact of the vaccine. Our idea is primarily based principally at the timing of the indications, which started a couple of days after the immunization and within the absence of every other identifiable purpose. The affected person had an immune system-activating immunization and skilled an ordinary autoimmune response in a while in a while. There may be, then again, some skepticism, principally since the affected person’s signs and indicators have not begun to be accurately connected to a purpose.


Autoimmune limbic encephalitis is difficult to diagnose for plenty of causes, one in every of which is that the medical presentation can mimic a lot of different illnesses, and subsequently, the differential prognosis is large. Along with that, radiological manifestations are incessantly absent or nonspecific within the extra not unusual subtypes. Being conscious about the situation and the way it manifests makes it some of the imaginable differential diagnoses in undifferentiated neuropsychiatric displays, which is able to strengthen remedy results in go back.

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