Tooth Loss Linked with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Tooth Loss Linked with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Tooth Loss Linked with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseUp until recently, the relationship between tooth loss and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has been largely overlooked by medical researchers. However, an emerging body of evidence suggests that these two conditions may be closely linked.

Recent new publications from a European research project have highlighted a correlation between IBD and severe oral health issues such as extensive tooth loss in adults—offering insight into an often-overlooked area of dental health. Periodontitis has previously been linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, this new study is shedding light on the relationship between periodontitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

For the study, approximately 1,100 patients answered survey questions online. Half of the participants had Crohn’s disease, and the other half had ulcerative colitis. A large group of people, approximately 3,400 without IBD, also participated in the study and were matched for certain criteria to the patients with IBD.

The study not only showed that participants with intestinal disease had worse oral health than those without IBD but also noted that the oral health of people with Crohn’s disease was more affected. It was found that these patients had lost more teeth than people with ulcerative colitis.
“Both diseases can be described as a strong overreaction of the immune system against a theoretically relatively mild bacterial trigger. You can say that the immune system attacks one’s own body,” said researcher Andreas Stavropoulos.

This study helps to bring forward a discussion about the relationship between gut health and oral health.

Protecting Teeth and Colon Health

Periodontitis is a condition that can have serious consequences if not treated in time. It may start off with a relatively mild symptom, like gums bleeding during brushing, but this can quickly escalate should the periodontitis not be addressed.

If periodontitis is left to its own devices, it can deteriorate your teeth to the point that you end up losing them. That is why it’s important to check for periodontitis as soon as possible. Attending regular appointments with your dental hygienist and dentist for cleaning and periodontal exams should help prevent it from taking root and reduce the risk of facing more serious symptoms, such as tooth loss.

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